Meltdowns, tantrums and emotional outbursts taking over your day?


I can help you change that…

It’s been one of those days.

Your toddler’s had a tantrum about everything under the sun. Your own emotions are running high. And you’re just trying to hold onto that last fragment of calm….

After dealing with one sibling conflict after the other, you are counting down the minutes till your partner gets home.

Your one saving grace is to escape to the shops for a moment of peace

You daydream about the day your child will reach that “golden age” – 

Trading the days of living from one emotional outburst to the next for days of joy and calm. Days you will actually like your child – and not only while they are sleeping angelically…

I see you!

As a mom, I remember those toddler years well – when parenting seemed more like being an emotional referee.

But then I focussed on using my training as a social worker and adapting what I knew about emotional intelligence to my parenting style.

What emerged was that through all of the turbulence I built a strong connection with my son and watched him blossom as he started using the tools I taught him.

And this is how the Feel Well Programme was born!

Our family has taken a mini-course with Amanda while she put her material together and I can’t express enough how valuable this course is! Since we have been doing sessions with Amanda we are now finally able to break through the tantrums, meltdowns, and bad behaviour of a particular child. 

Yolandé Dugmore, mother of four


The Feel Well Programme: The Rollercoaster Years

Your pathway from crisis and chaos to connection and calm for your family 

The Feel Well Programme: The Rollercoaster Years is where I give you the opportunity to walk the same path towards calm and connection I did with my son.

The days, the battles and the uncertainty might seem unending, but there is hope and there are answers..

the feel well programme

What is it?

The Feel Well Programme: The Rollercoaster Years is a course for parents of children from birth to 7 years old. It is delivered over four weeks and covers the following modules:

Module 1: Emotions – What On Earth Are Their Purpose?

  • Where emotions come from,
  • How they keep your child alive
  • Two tools to help you determine what your child’s emotions are saying

Module 2: It Won’t Always Be This Way! Human Development and Emotions

  • A look at your child’s development
  • Keeping your expectations aligned with your child’s abilities


Module 3: What Can I DO? Tools for Health Emotional Management

  • Practical things you and your child can do to help manage difficult emotions
  • Videos demonstrating four calming techniques


Module 4: Nurturing Budding Emotional Intelligence

  • A final look at helpful tips and guidelines

The beta version of The Feel Well Programme: The Rollercoaster Years will open on 1 February 2021


Pay for it before 4 December 2020 and pay only $49!

 That’s a 75% discount on the retail value of $147!

You will also gain acccess to any future updates of the material and receive first access to any follow up courses!

Is this for you?

This IS for you if:

  • You are invested in nurturing your child’s emotional intelligence and giving them tools for life.

  • You are aware that it is important to give your child the space to express himself, but have no idea how to teach him to manage his emotions in a healthy way.

  • You are willing to grow/invest in your own emotional intelligence as much as your child’s.

This is NOT for you:

  • You are looking for a quick fix, “have a new child in six steps” type of solution.

  • You tend to avoid activities which require self-reflection.

  • You are not prepared to engage in practical activities besides watching the videos.


You don’t know my child, I have tried everything I know, every bit of advice I could find, how will this course be any different?

You are right, I do not know your situation and every child and family has unique characteristics and needs. The tools and information I give in this course are based on principals which means that they are not set in stone and can be shaped to suit any situation or individual. The course also includes live sessions giving you the opportunity to ask questions, learn from others in the course and work with me to apply what you are learning to your unique situation and needs.


This course is four weeks long, I don’t have the time to give four weeks. Do you have something which is a quicker fix or less time?

I hear you, right. Parenting and all that life demands from us gobbles up every free moment of your time already. I could offer you something shorter, but what if I told you that every minute you spend investing in learning the tools I can give you is two minutes you will gain back from the battles you are engaged in right now with your child? What if these tools, while initially are quite a heavy time investment, will pay you back both in time and increased connection with your child in the weeks, months and years to come?

If that still does not sound like a worthwhile investment, then head on over to my blog and you will find various tools and tips you can apply to help in the short term.


How quickly will I see results?

The million dollar question! I will be honest, I am not offering a quick fix. I cannot guarantee that you will “have a new child in seven days or six steps”. If this is what you are looking for you will be disappointed.

What I can say is that you might see results as soon as the first day you start applying what you learn or you might only start seeing changes weeks after you had been diligently applying what you learnt. Either way, if you are willing to invest the time and invest yourself, you WILL see results that will change your relationship with your child for the better.


So many people are offering courses these days. How do I know you know more than what I already do? What kind of experience or expertise do you have for offering this course?

It is hard to know whether or not to trust the information you are getting on the internet. That is for sure. Fake and real, facts and myths are mixed together in one big pot. Everything I share in this course is based on my professional experience and training as a social worker. Mixed in with that is also the experience I have to draw on from walking my own journey in emotional intelligence (and honestly, I figure this is going to be a lifelong journey) and as a mom.


I have children of different ages. In fact I have an infant, preschooler, older child and a teen. Will this course help me with all my children or just certain age brackets?

This course is aimed at parents with children seven-years-old and under. However, I have made sure to take into consideration the different stages children go through as they grow. In fact, the course also looks at how to adapt your approach as your child grows, because, well, kids tend to that.


With life being busy and mom-brain being a reality, will it be worth investing my time and energy into something that I might not even retain?

I have taken great pains to help you absorb and walk away with as much as you can DESPITE these challenges.

  • Videos are pre-recorded so that you can watch whenever you find the time. And as many times as you need to. You set your own pace.
  • You will receive module workbooks which will have all the main points from the videos and lots of space to add your own notes and thoughts.
  • The workbooks also include exercises developed precisely to help you develop a deeper understanding of the material and thereby retain the information more fully. Again you can do these exercises whenever you have the time and can come back and do them as many times as you wish. Again, you set your own pace.
  • The live sessions will probably be the space where you will find the most value because it is where you will have the opportunity to apply what you have learnt to your own family and this makes the information more relevant and memorable.
  • You will have lifetime access to the course, which means you can go back to the videos whenever you want to after you have completed the course.


There is so much information available out there. How will this course be any different than searching the internet for answers?

This is true. Information about this topic is freely available. What is unique about this course is that you will be guided to work with the information in a practical way so that it becomes easy to apply in your home. You will also be able to work directly with me and ask questions relevant to your unique family situation. All of this should give you confidence in applying what you have learnt, as well as stimulate your own growth in a way that merely reading an article or watching a video never can.

Is this course only for moms?

Not at all! Dads are welcome to join in too. In fact, it would be beneficial for you to do this course as a parenting team.

I’m so happy I bought this course. It is well structured. It’s practical with just the right amount of information. And it is immediately applicable.

Even though it is a parenting course, I learned how to navigate my own emotions too.

Takadzani Takalani, mom of two under seven

Still not sure if this is for you?

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Are you ready...?

For a calmer household, free from

  • random emotional eruptions
  • explosive sibling conflict

For a deeper understanding of your own and your child’s emotional world?

For increased ability to manage difficult emotions during challenging times….?

Then don’t hesitate!

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