I am Amanda Engelbrecht. The founder of The Family Wellness Site.

I am a parent and a social worker who is passionate about families. I believe that healthy families create a healthy society. This belief is the basis for my blog and my business. I support families through personal development tools and training, creating a deep connection of love and individuals who thrive in life.

I am mom to one amazing little boy, who never fails to stretch me as an individual. As he grows, I grow and I hope that we continue to build connection as he enters the tween and teens years.

As a social worker, I have mainly worked in NGO’s. I have developed programmes for young children in the school environment aimed at teaching them key lifeskills: communication, sharing feelings and building friendships, among others. My work as a social worker has also included working with adults and supporting them in developing similar skills within the workplace.

While I have learnt much of what I apply in parenting through my training and experience as a social worker, it has been a journey of trial and error to apply it all within my own household. Now I am making this combined knowledge available to others through The Family Wellness Site. I wholeheartedly believe that “well” parents produce “well” children. And that families are an important cornerstone of society.

I also believe that in order to grow in our ability as parents, we need to invest time in ourselves and in our own personal growth. You will find that I approach topics from this viewpoint and that I encourage focussing on personal growth first in my courses.

The Family Wellness Site is the platform I am using to have my two greatest passions meet: helping people grow and thrive and parenting. Join me as I explore topics such as emotional intelligence, nurturing connection, constructive discipline and so much more!

The journey will not be disappointing!

Amanda Engelbrecht

Owner and Founder of The Family Wellness Site

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