A mixed bunch of people, bound together by circumstance and love. The place where we hope to find safety for our souls and the space to dream and grow.

What we do

Supporting your family to thrive

At the Family Wellness Site we believe that the family is our refuge from the harsh world outside. It should be the place where you feel you belong, are welcomed and supported. With this in mind, we provide a service which empowers you and your family to live a life of love and thrive.

How We Do It

Our blog focusses on parenting and personal growth which will help you and your family connect, grow and thrive.  


We offer courses which take you step by step through those hard to navigate lifeskills and we help you teach them to your children! 


The free resources offered with our blogs help you take that first step towards moving from merely surviving to thriving. 

The Wheel of Emotions is a chart outlining some of the most common emotions we experience. At times it can be difficult to pinpoint what we are feeling, but being able to put a name to the feeling is the first step in the journey towards emotional intelligence.


Use this chart not only to help yourself or your child to identify emotions, but also to help you determine what your emotions are trying to tell you.

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