About Feathered Vine

and the founder, aka me, Yolandé Dugmore

Hi! I am Yolandé

Welcome to my corner of the internet, Friend!

I am so glad you are here, and I cannot wait to meet you through one of my services, courses, or product offers.

My passion is to work with small startup business owners. I want to help you turn your ideas into assets and assist you in managing your own WordPress website,
which is the most important asset of them all.

You are probably wondering who is behind the screen,

so let me introduce myself by telling you about the:

10 things you need to know about me

  1. The first time I was introduced to a computer, it used a big black square thing called a floppy-drive, and to make the computer work, you had to enter commands.
  1. I have 4 kids, homeschool, and work from home, but I am a terrible multi-tasker… The only thing I do well multi-tasking is reading a book while bathing.
  1. My first computer has something to do with the first kiss Jono – my friend then and husband now – and I shared. This is a story for another time. It does involve a broken leg too…
  1. I still don’t know anything about DOS commands. Seriously!
  1. Two things drive me absolutely insane. Firstly, hearing someone chew and secondly, watching someone chew. Yes, I know there is a name for that. One day I will get therapy.
  1. The second computer I owned was also the last salary compensation I received for a full-time work contract during the recession of 2008. That computer helped Jono get through university.
  1. Motherhood found me way before I was ready! Reading blogs was my sanity!
  1. A few years ago, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and asked a friend if I could be part of her new business startup. My computer skills were limited to starting up the computer, Googling, and shutting it down again. Since then, I have run a successful Virtual Assistant business from home.
  1. I have traveled to 6 countries – one of them only by crossing the border to say I have been there – and have eaten all kinds of delicacies like roasted grasshoppers and melted cheese mixed with white wine! Thankfully, I didn’t eat those at the same time. Yuck!
  1. From hyperventilate over tech stuff in the beginning, I have now learned how to ask Google the right things, code and hunt for HTML and CSS code, search forums, call a friend, or just call Jono for a hug. I have built various websites and forums and happy to say, I can now Geek too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s just say that feathers and business have a lot in common:

• Being featherbrained, need coffee…

• Getting your feathers ruffled by piles of papers, lost stationary and lazy colleagues.

• Get in fine feathers for your presentation.

• Feathers make the bird, so how is your branding?

Plus, no one can forget the name, especially if I hand them a feathered keyring with my business details on it.

Since running my virtual assistant business, I realized that many bloggers get tripped up over the management of their website. It is such an important asset in any business, and it makes me sad to think that bloggers feel so unequipped to manage it by themselves.

The blogging world can be a great place to find community, but until you made it as a blogger, the journey can be very isolating.

To answer your question, yes you can!

“People pretend not to like grapes when the vines are too high for them to reach.”
― Marguerite de Navarre

Come on! I am the friend who will bring the ladder! We all deserve some grapes! Your choice if you make wine or juice, both can be profitable. Don’t let anyone, especially yourself tell you that the tech side of an online business is out of reach!

Some people can learn through trial and error, others learn through watching tutorials and reading up pages of information. And then there are people like you and me. We call a friend!

A lot of creativity and determination. These are my superpowers! Seeing someone’s vision for their business come to life in a practical, well-thought-out, and well-presented website is my absolute passion. What tops that is when I can walk a road with someone and show them how they can manage their website completely independently.
Empowering people in any way I can drive me daily!!

To do this, I offer you two phases:

The Setup Phase
I help you get your initial blog setup done to the point that it is functional, pretty, and shareable. If you want to find out more, hop over here.

The Manage Phase
When you have done all the initial setup, you will need help to build the rest of your business assets. I help you to get your products up, a payment system, and the rest of your customer ecosystem in place so that customers will return again and again. This is a quarterly program and only open 4 times a year. You can find out more over here.

You might! You need to sign up for my email list, though. Those kinds of stories are for friends only, and I regard my email list as my BFFs!

So if you want to be my email-pal – yes, I do write back – then sign up over here.